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Backed by years of expertise and knowledge across several industries, our professionals and their services can provide actionable insight and data-driven strategies that deliver high-impact results for your business growth

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Marketing & Sales

From developing new business models to sales and channel optimization, we can help your business capitalize on growth opportunities in the short- and long term.

  • Branding & Brand Management
  • Product & Portfolio Management
  • Pricing
  • Digital Marketing
  • E-commerce
  • Customer Experience
  • Sales Channel Strategy
  • Digital Sales


We provide transformative solutions that help clients businesses and operations stay competitive and up-to-date with the latest industry trends amid Asia's ever-changing business landscape.

  • Project Management Office (PMO)
  • Growth Strategy Implementation
  • Operation Transformation
  • Manufacturing
  • Organization Design

Supply Chain Management

We increase the end-to-end efficiency of supply chains via solutions in areas like distribution profitability and administrative optimization, seeking to improve your business's overall bottom line.

  • Supply Chain
  • Digital Supply Chain
  • Procurement
  • Logistics

M&A, Transactions, and PMI

We supply the latest industry data needed to inform, assess, and execute vital decisions, ultimately helping your business acquire maximum value.

  • M&A Strategy
  • Divesstiture/Curb-out Strategy
  • M&A Target Scouting
  • Buyer/Investor Search
  • Commercial Due Diligence
  • M&A Execution (Buy-side & Sell-side Financial Advisory)
  • Valuation
  • Post-Marger Integration (PMI)
  • Value Creation
  • Joint Venture
  • Corporate Venture Capital


We engage in critical problem-solving to develop value-adding business strategies, enabling clients' growth while also delivering wins in Asia's competitive market.

  • Business Strategy
  • Corporate Finance
  • Growth Opportunity Identification
  • New Business Development
  • Organization Strategy
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Asset/Project Risk Management
  • Digital Strategy
  • Strategic Partnership & Channel Strategy

Digital Transformation

We enable business growth by integrating smart technology design with traditional processes, creating competitive approaches appropriate for businesses in the digital age.

  • DX Vision
  • Digital Roadmap
  • CIO/CDO Support
  • System Architecture Design
  • DX PMO
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • Big Data Analysis
  • IT Organization Design & Restructuring
  • IT Portfolio Management
  • Off-shore Development Centre Set-up

Public Services

We help governments unlock value, achieve holistic development, and enact meaningful societal changes guided by core tenants essential to public-private cooperation.

  • Economic Development
  • Public Policy Development
  • E-Governance


We help ensure that our clients implement the correct strategies to maximize business output, efficiency, and profit while adhering to green principles that reduce one's environmental footprint.

  • Sustainability Strategy & Implementation
  • Double Materiality
  • Decarbonaization & Net-Zero Strategy
  • Climate Change Risks and Opportunities
  • Sustainability Due Dilligence
  • Supply Chain Assessment
  • Double Materiality
  • ESG Reporting
  • Investor Relations & Fundraising
  • Organization & Governance Design

Market Research

We utilize our team of local professionals to access domestic industries and gain valuable insights needed to accelerate business growth in Asia's markets.

  • Market Landscape
  • Market Size
  • Industry Structure and Trend
  • Competitive Benchmark
  • Business Partner Search & Screening
  • B2B/B2C Customer Survey

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