Case Study

Go-To-Market Strategy for Green Hydrogen Production in India for a Large Global Energy Company

May 16, 2023by YCP Auctus


A diversified energy and urban solutions company that provides solutions across the energy and utilities value chain with presence in Asia, Europe and Middle East.


The client has an extensive renewable energy (RE) portfolio in India (2GW+ solar and wind assets) and was looking at Green Hydrogen (GH2) to further support its RE portfolio growth in the country. For this, they wanted to assess the GH2 market landscape and develop a suitable GTM strategy anchored on production in India targeting both domestic and export markets. There were multiple uncertainties and decisions that needed to be evaluated as part of the client’s GTM strategy including:

  • Potential market size of GH2 and its split across key segments

  • Techno-commercial feasibility of generating and delivering GH2

  • Key value, cost, and risk drivers across use cases


We adopted a multi-faceted approach to identify ‘Where to Play’ targets and assess the value chain to derive ‘How to Win’ options for the client.

Screenshot 2023-05-16 112744.pngWe analysed the policy mandates and price elasticity across end user industries to shortlist high priority use cases of GH2 and developed a market outlook for each use case. Subsequently, we mapped the entire GH2 value chain and identified the technologically feasible alternatives for each use case. This was followed by a comprehensive unit economics assessment to identify the key cost drivers and outlook.

We conducted scenario analysis for landed cost of GH2 and its derivatives to test its cost competitiveness and estimate demand for different use cases. These value chain and commercial assessments helped narrow down the strategic alternatives across market segments (industry and geography) available with the client.

Comparing the strategic alternatives against the clients' capabilities, we shortlisted the appropriate ‘Areas of Play. For the selected alternative, we defined a comprehensive Go-to-Market strategy and the leadership agenda for business incubation.

Engagement ROI

The client has put the GTM strategy in action and has already forged some critical industry partnerships to implement this. They have also initiated discussions with the government authorities to proactively mitigate potential implementation risks.