Case Study

India Market Entry Strategy for a European Railway Signalling Technology Firm

May 09, 2023by YCP Auctus


A leading railway signalling & control technology firm (part of a large mobility solutions group) in Europe.  


The railways sector in India has been undergoing rapid modernisation over the past decade with significant investments made in safety, speed enhancement, network expansion, and customer experience. However, the market has its own peculiarities in terms of regulatory control and value and risk perception.  

The Client was looking at India as a strategic market for its key signalling solutions and has initiated partnership discussions with a local Railway Technology company. The Client engaged our firm to develop a detailed market assessment and formulate market entry strategy for the India business.  


Screenshot 2023-05-16 102441.png

As the first step, we conducted a market study where we:

  • Estimated the market size for the Client’s solutions in India

  • Laid out the regulatory landscape and purchase behaviour

  • Assessed the competitive landscape

  • Analysed the market value chain

Post-market study, our team supported the Client in devising a comprehensive India market entry strategy with the following:

  • Strategic alternatives on investments, timelines, and partnerships, for evaluation

  • Volume and price risk assessments

  • Product placement and pricing recommendations

  • Tax assessments

  • Business Entity Structure

The team also helped develop a 10-year view of the business using a custom-made financial model and advised on the key strategic initiatives to be taken to achieve this plan. The team also extended support to the Client in developing the appropriate commercial arrangement with the partner and the terms of agreement.

Engagement ROI

The exercise enabled the client to finalise its India market strategy, and accordingly, pursue business opportunities in India.