Case Study

Operational and Commercial Transformation of one of the Largest Airlines in India

May 10, 2023by YCP Auctus


One of the largest airlines in India that has recently privatised.


The privatisation of the Client was one of the most high-profile transactions in Indian business history. In addition, the new parent company held a strong emotional and historical connection to the Client. As such, the new parent company was under immense scrutiny and pressure to swiftly revitalise its newly acquired asset, and bring it at par with global standards. The new parent company looked for support to strategise and execute a complete overhaul of the Client.


The Auctus team conducted a detailed performance assessment of different functional areas within the airline to identify key issues and their root causes. In the initial phase, the team focused on executing projects with high impact and low gestation periods to visibly improve business performance and signal the transformation to the market. Subsequently, the team focused on important projects that required strategic thinking and execution over the long term. 

The team worked alongside multiple stakeholders within and outside the airline to help draft a coherent long-term vision through building consensus within the organisation, and in identifying and incorporating global best practices.

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Engagement ROI

The Client was able to swiftly improve on key metrics such as On Time Performance and Customer Grievance Redressal in the initial few months of the engagement. Subsequently, the team helped the airline to transform several functional areas and prepare them for business excellence. The team also helped the airline take key strategic decisions on business growth, key partnerships, and organisation.