Expanding Auctus’ Global Capabilities with YCP Solidiance

May 18, 2023by YCP Auctus

With the acquisition of Auctus Advisors (“Auctus”) by YCP Holdings (“YCP”), YCP gets access to India's lucrative consulting space. It is driven by the country's rapid economic growth and increasing demand for specialized expertise across various sectors. Given the importance India is gaining in the global landscape—with its relationship deepening with Western economies as well as more mature economies of Asia such as Japan and the Middle East—Auctus is expected to have significant value unlocking for YCP.

Auctus brings expertise, resources, and experience to help organizations develop and implement successful strategies across a range of industries, to name a few: Aviation Ecosystems (airlines, airports, cargo, MRO, etc.), Real Estate, Technology (services and products), Consumer & Media, Transportation and Logistics, Energy (utilities, renewables, etc.), Healthcare, Private Equity, and Government (policy and execution).

Auctus has a leadership position in the Technology and Aviation sectors:

  • In the Technology sector, Auctus helps organizations develop and implement strategies to drive growth and innovation. Auctus brings expertise in areas such as product development, market analysis, and technology scouting, helping clients identify and leverage emerging technologies to gain a competitive edge. Further, Auctus empowers organizations to create new business opportunities, develop and implement comprehensive digital strategies that align with broader organizational goals, and support digital transformation.

  • The Aviation industry has been a key focus for Auctus since the firm’s inception. Our consultants have deep expertise across the Airport Ecosystem: opportunity evaluation, construction, regulatory, cargo, terminal operations, fuel farm, and commercialization / non-aero (including duty free, retail, and F&B). Further, we have also supported airlines across areas such as network optimization, revenue management, operational efficiency, customer experience improvement, post-acquisition turnaround, sub business strategies, and so on.

Auctus also has strong presence in the Infrastructure, Hospitality, Consumer-led, and Transportation sectors:

  • In Infrastructure, Auctus has helped governments and businesses navigate the complexities of developing and implementing large-scale infrastructure projects across highways, railways / metro, utilities, commercial real estate, and others. Auctus brings expertise in areas such as project management, financing, transactions and due diligence, and public-private partnerships, helping clients optimize their investments and deliver and operate projects efficiently.

  • In hospitality, Auctus brings expertise in areas such as site selection, project viability assessment and structuring, and on the consumer side, helps clients stay ahead of evolving consumer preferences and trends, enhance revenues, and optimize operations.

  • Finally, in the transportation sector, Auctus helps organizations develop and implement strategies on go-to-market, project evaluation and bids, commercialization, operational efficiency, etc.

Across all these sectors, Auctus brings functional capabilities in form of strategy development & execution, digital transformation and implementation, valuation & commercial due diligence, bid advisory, regulations & policies, program management, and more.

Auctus’ constant growth is aided even further through its integration with YCP’s management consulting arm, YCP Solidiance, expanding the firm’s presence across key cities in the Asia-Pacific region, the US, and Europe. Its global network of professionals, who are well-versed not only in unlocking opportunities for global clients but utilizing local insights and strategies, have extensive experience across a wide variety of business sectors and capabilities. To learn more about YCP Solidiance, please visit