YCP Auctus Account Management Framework

March 01, 2024

For management consulting firms like YCP Auctus, building a solid service foundation is fundamental to developing long-term relationships with our clients. As our work varies depending on the type of project and even the demographics that we work with, it is crucial to have a service structure we can always refer to as a practitioners' handbook.

We are proud to share the YCP Auctus Account Management Framework, built on our professionals’ experience of working with clients from different industries, backgrounds, and service needs. This framework outlines 14 key steps our professionals focus on to ensure that the account plan development for our clients is thorough, aligned with their short- and long-term goals, and adaptable to their specific needs no matter their size, background, and objective.

“We do a lot of work with clients to help them learn how to do account management, help them improve their account management, and in the process grow faster than they have been growing,” says Abhisek Mukherjee, YCP Auctus Managing Partner and Head of our India Management Services Division, who helped develop and refine the framework through his experience with various clients. “A good account manager can answer every question and can address every point that is there in that handbook. And a company with good account management has all the teams and the governance frameworks that are mentioned in that handbook.”

In-article graphic 1.jpgIn-article graphic 2.jpgPuneet Kaushik, our firm’s Digital Transformation Division CEO and a pivotal contributor to the framework, shed insight on why the guide was created in the first place. “Any services company that learns account management well tends to grow faster and tends to be more profitable than a company that is completely focused on or more focused on opening new clients.” The YCP Auctus approach focuses on cultivating relationships with existing clients, which Kaushik highlights as key to accelerating business growth.

With this framework, clients receive guidance from YCP Auctus experts on the knowledge and skills required to leverage strategic opportunities and maximize business potential. Kaushik shared, “We work with clients to identify the right accounts to invest in, to help them build very actionable in-depth account plans, and to help them govern these account plans to ensure that all the identified opportunities are actually captured.”

The YCP Auctus Account Management framework provides two-pronged value to both clients and consultants. While clients benefit from actionable insights and thorough account plans, the framework acts as a comprehensive handbook for consultants, offering guidance on navigating effective client retention strategies and profitable account management.

To learn more about how YCP Auctus’ Account Management framework can help your business, download our insights below.

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